Calmini suspension lift kits are designed to withstand the roughest terrain and provide you with a satisfactory feel and enjoyment while driving off road. To give your 4WD vehicle an x-factor, it should possess a good performance on the street. In order for you to do that, you need a reliable auto product that will bolster your truck. Only a Calmini suspension lift kit can improve the performance of your ride. Aside from enhancing the appearance, it will increase the over-all ride characteristic of your vehicle.

Made of first-rate quality steel, these Calmini suspension lifts provide long-lasting durability and better application. Each suspension kit is manufactured using modern techniques such as craftsman-led approach, CAD-generated designs, CNC machining and laser-crafting to ensure first-class quality and excellent performance. In addition, Calmini suspension systems are precision-engineered to give you a product that will fit, function and last for many years. And to maintain high quality standard, each lift kit is assembled and tested under strict supervision

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