Kelderman suspension lift kits are great auto products that will take your vehicle to a new level of appeal and performance. These lift kits are designed to boost the functionality of almost any kind of vehicle. With Kelderman suspension lifts, you can easily hoist the body of your truck or lower it instantly. The secret of this innovative truck product is the heavy-duty and adjustable Kelderman air bag suspension.

With the use of Kelderman suspension systems, you will experience safe, comfortable and superior ride quality while driving on or off road. In addition, the new height obtained by your vehicle provides added style, making it tougher and bolder. The high performance air bag included in each kit promotes smoother ride even on the roughest terrain. To endure prolonged use, this Kelderman air bag is made with high quality steel. Most importantly, each Kelderman suspension lift kit is assembled under strict supervision to ensure the quality and performance.

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