Over the past 25 years, trucks have become:

  • More powerful
  • More fuel efficient
  • More comfortable (some would say more luxurious)
  • More complicated, both in terms of features and options, but also in terms of safety devices and emissions
  • More car-like

Although most people like the best comfort, power and fuel efficiency, many true-blue truck owners affected by the increased complexity and nature of the modern pickup truck type.

Take, for example, the solid front axle. At one point, all the trucks on the road had a solid front axle. While vehicles with a solid front axle have a hard race, they are incredibly tough, ideal for much rock-crawling and heavy off-road. However, the car manufacturers have abandoned so that the trucks are aimed at a wider audience.

Emissions and fuel economy regulations have also influenced the off-road capabilities of the modern truck. Why reducing ground clearance also reduces aerodynamic drag (thus improving city consumption), most new trucks have only eight to ten inches of large space … which is not much if we consider that some Cars have the same amount.

So, as trucks have become more car type, more truck owners looking for Best Suspension Lift Kits.

Most lift kits increase the off-road capability of a pickup without modern reduce towing capacity, load capacity, etc. Although all lifting kits reduce gas mileage to some extent, reduction is not bad, but especially the largest lift kit (most truck owners who install a lift see mileage decrease of 10.5% ).