If you seek an energy-efficient, smart Wi-Fi garage door opener that you can control from anywhere in the world through Wi-Fi. Look no further than the LiftMaster 8355 review. This premium garage door opener is reliable and provides an energy efficient performance for years at a time, thanks to its advanced, warranty-backed technology.

Pros & Cons of LiftMaster 8355 Review Garage Door Opener


  • Uses several technological advances to separate itself from the pack of traditional garage door openers
  • Gives you a smooth and silent operation every time​ your door opens
  • Powered by Motor Vibration Isolation System
  • Equipped with MyQ and Security 2.0+
  • Excellent option


  • Rail assembly not included
  • Installing company may not necessarily include a keypad

Here’s A Full Review of The Liftmaster 8355 Review Garage Door Opener

What Is LiftMaster 8355 Review Garage Door Opener and How Does It Work?

liftmaster 8355 review of a garage door opener

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Powered by Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS), the LiftMaster gives you a smooth and silent operation every time your door opens. It offers every convenience of a traditional garage door opener. But with hundreds of added capabilities because of its status as a smart opener. To elaborate, as a smart Wi-Fi garage door opener. LiftMaster comes equipped with MyQ and Security 2.0+, giving you all the security our modern world can offer. The MyQ functionality connects to the MyQ app, which provides you with the ability to control the door, receive activity alerts, and check the status of your door, from anywhere in the world. Additionally, MyQ can connect to some associated apps that provide features like location-based garage door closing or voice control.

An Excellent Option

The LiftMaster can be an excellent option for any family or individual who needs to control their garage door from afar. Life can get busy, and no worry about giving your garage code to everyone in the neighborhood. Which can take some unwanted stress out of your life. Most individuals purchase the garage door opener from an installation company and have their workers install it. Although you also have the option of ordering online independently. However, it’s still highly recommended that a garage door installation company put the system together for you.

What Makes LiftMaster 8355 Review Garage Door Opener Unique?

The LiftMaster uses several technological advances to separate itself from the pack of traditional garage door openers. Including mechanical benefits, Wi-Fi connectivity, and advanced security options. While it shares some features with other smart openers. It also contains some unique features you can’t find elsewhere, especially for its price.

Robust Mechanics

The Motor Vibration Isolation System offers a silent and reliable operation of the entire garage door. Which customers report as being so quiet they barely notice it’s there. The P3 and 1/2 HP AC Motors that power the system is built specifically for garage door opening and use a belt drive system to ensure fewer breaks occur.

Built-In Wi-Fi

By providing its Wi-Fi router, you can easily connect to all your devices without having to hardwire it to a pre-existing Wi-Fi connection. Not only saves you time, but it also offers improved connection.

Without built-in Wi-Fi, the signal would have to travel from the opener to the router, then to your phone. The extra step can cause lag and other connection issues.

Which can render the opener nearly useless. With built-in Wi-Fi, however, the LiftMaster 8355 can give you updates in real time. Providing you with the peace of mind that everything is going okay in your garage.

Mobile Device Connectivity

As mentioned, the Wi-Fi lets you control the door from anywhere. You can also monitor the garage from your phone by receiving regular updates on your garage door status. You can have these updates sent directly to your phone, through push notifications or email. These updates can be particularly helpful if you work during the day. And have people coming over who need access to the garage. Whether they’re dog walkers or landscapers, you can control the door without offering an opening key, ensuring your garage is a safe and secure location.


Most of the features described here, like activity alerts and controlling the garage from any location, run through MyQ. This app also lets you create set schedules for your garage door. Meaning it can open and close at the exact times you specify. If you’re out of town and have house sitters, dog walkers, or plant waterers coming over. You can use MyQ’s set schedules to open and close the garage at distinct times to ensure only the people you want to enter can get in. MyQ also offers access to partner apps that can give you more enhanced features like geofence closing or voice control. These services are generally subscription services and can be very helpful for bolstering security.

Here’s A Video of MyQ LiftMaster: Wifi & Smartphone Enabled Garage Door Openers

Security 2.0+

The security system that comes with the LiftMaster safeguards your house from intruders or passers-by. Every time you click the app, you can have a new code sent to the opener, preventing anyone else from opening it. Additionally, the security system includes PosiLock, a system that protects your garage door electronically from forced openings. Finally, the security system also uses an invisible light beam to detect obstructions in the way of the garage door. In case this occurs, the door can automatically reverse, preventing damage to whatever may be in the way.

Pricing of Liftmaster 8355 Review Garage Door Opener

Most LiftMasters come in around the mid-range, but that doesn’t include the price of installation. Depending on the company you purchase from and the type of bundle. You can receive one or two remote controls for your car, a digital keypad, and an outside keypad. Because of the Wi-Fi connectivity, all of the mobile connections can be installed later on your phone using the MyQ app. The opener may also qualify for free shipping if you order it yourself. Although you likely will want a trusted garage door opening installation company to set up the system. These companies also sell the opener and may offer discounts if you purchase it from the company and have its employees install it.

Public Perception of LiftMaster 8355 Review Garage Door Opener

The majority of customers are highly satisfied with the many features that the LiftMaster offers. A number have noted the high quality of the product, especially regarding the price. The whole garage door’s ease of installation is another point customers emphasize. As well as how quiet the system is once installed.

However, the only dissatisfaction noted comes with more of the business side of the LiftMaster’s MyQ connectivity. Several customers have noted that the installing company may not necessarily include a keypad. Which means if buyers want to open the garage without an opener. They have to pay a monthly subscription fee or a lump sum on a wireless keypad. Some have also noted that the garage door may open by itself on occasion, which may cause concern.

How It Compares: The LiftMaster 8355 Review Garage Door Opener

Along with the benefits listed above, the LiftMaster 8355 includes some additional features. The 8355 comes with a lifetime motor and belt warranty as well as a one-year parts warranty. These features depict the company’s confidence in the motor and belt’s mechanical performance. Which can be a good sign for you as a consumer. While other companies offer warranties, they aren’t necessarily lifetime ones.

The LiftMaster 8355 doesn’t come with a backup battery as some of the other LiftMaster models do. Luckily, after the door stays open for a set number of minutes. The garage door enters a dormant mode to save energy. Moreover, the 8355 doesn’t come with an automatic timer to program your garage door to close after it’s been opened for a pre-set time. However, you can still use your phone to close the garage door from a distance.

What We Think of LiftMaster 8355 Review Garage Door Opener

After researching several garage door openers and comparing them judiciously. We’ve concluded that the LiftMaster 8355 is a worthy addition to any home. One of the biggest benefits of the opener is that it offers some helpful features not found elsewhere. Including the MyQ connection and mobile updates. These features can be helpful, especially for a busy house in which people are continually coming and going. The product’s price is well worth the number of features you receive. Including the ease of professional installation and the ability to control from afar.

Here’s A Video of LiftMaster 8355W The Good and The Bad

Negative Aspects

The only negative aspects that we found in our research of the LiftMaster. It seems that the company isn’t as upfront as it could be about the keypad coming with purchase of the opener. Moreover, most of the sales only come with one garage opener, maybe two, and don’t come with back-ups. However, with the electronic connectivity through Wi-Fi. You can bypass some of the inconvenience of having only one to two openers.

Ultimately, our LiftMaster 8355 review concludes that this garage opener is an excellent product for anyone who needs to control his or her garage door from afar, whether it’s because of lengthy workdays or frequent traveling. It’s hard to beat the sheer number of features you can receive for the low price, as well as the convenience of controlling it at a moment’s notice from anywhere in the world.